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Are your Windows & Doors Efficient?

 Why Repair your windows and doors? 


Tight sealing doors and windows are far more energy efficient, why spend your hard earned money on heating, only to have that heat go outside though small Leaks and draughts in seals and frames.


Leaking windows and doors will let water will get into your walls, causing rotten framing and dangerous moulds to grow 


Old and worn out locks and handles offer little resistance to intruders, it doesn't take much to make your home more secure.


Helpful Hints for Window & Door repair

Things to look out for if your windows are over 10 years old,



Are your handles corroded, loose or broken?

Handles are our main security against the weather and unwanted intruders, it pays to replace handles if they aren't doing their job, our Windowseal specialists have all the different handles in their vans and can offer you either replacement handles or the newer ventilation handles to fit all windows. 



Look in bottom corners for paint peeling or black mold growing, water staining on wall linings or soft timber.

These cause damage to your home by letting water into the wall structure causing rotten framing, weather boards and internal linings. Most leaks are a very simple procedure to remedy and our Windowseal Specialists know all the tricks of the trade to stop leaks.




Wind causes whistling or howling noise through gaps in seals, curtains move when the window is closed.

Usually caused by the window stays not pulling the opening sash back onto the backing seal of the window frame, or loose/broken handles, missing plastic wedges for the handles to close against, our Windowseal specialists have all the different window stays and window seals in their vans.


Sliding Doors


Sliding door

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Hinged doors


hinge door

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