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We Provide Prompt, Reliable 

Window and Door Repairs and

 Installations to Your Home.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                Windowseal has been providing our 

customers with quality parts and reliable repairs

for their windows and doors since 1999.

    We can provide an EMERGENCY after hours service.  We can do any INSURANCE work and we will also do WINZ quotes.

Some of the repairs we perform are;


Replacing corroded and broken window handles.


Aluminium can corrode (or Rust) which leaves a white powder residue.

This will start eating into the window frame where the handles are attached


 A corroded handle which has been removed showing the damage which has occurred.



The damage caused to the window frame caused by the corroded handle.



We supply and fit all types of window handles including the new ventilation and security window handles.


Replacing sliding and hinged door locks


Old door locks don't offer much resistance to intruders, we can supply and install quality and secure locks to your doors.


Repairing sliding doors.


 We Can supply & install genuine replacement parts for sliding doors, Rollers, Tracks, Draught seals & Rubber seals.


Replacement Window Stays


Windows that are draughty, floppy or hard to open are easily fixed when new friction stays are fitted 


Leaking and rotten windows

Leaking windows can cause the window liners to rot or  MDF (customwood) liners to swell, this may end up damaging the wall as well. 

We remove the existing window, then remove the damaged timber, 

replacing it with new tanilised pre primed window liners.  Then we seal 

the window and install it back into the wall using new installation 

procedures.  We have done this many times and are very efficient, 

causing very minor disruption for the home owner and providing cost 

effective repairs 

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to book in your local Windowseal Tradesman. 

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