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Conservatories come in many sizes and shapes, they offer the owner an extension to their home, giving an enjoyable extra living area. 

Windowseal tradesmen have been building conservatories for many years.  We can supply and install a conservatory or just install if you have already purchased one. 

We have the industry knowledge to make effective repairs, when they are required,  We have fully stocked vans with all the parts required to fix any conservatory 

Our customers receive reliable results, and professional service.


Faults and Repairs

Roof Panel Replacement

· There is a wide range of products available conservatory roofing. Windowseal can assess existing conservatory roofs and advise, quote and carry out replacements as required.


Leaks in conservatories

· Windowseal can assess and evaluate leak problems and make recommendations on possible remedy, then if required, complete the work involved.


Conservatory too hot

· The type of roof panels, placement of opening windows and doors can affect airflow within a conservatory which effects the inside air temperature. Windowseal can assess, advise, quote and carry out curative repairs or alterations.


Conservatory too noisy in the rain

· The type of roof panel can create loud drumming noise in the rain. Windowseal can recommend alternative quieter roof panels.

Re-glazing wall and roof panes

· Windowseal can assess and advise of the range of products available to replace existing panels.

Conservatory doors

· Sliding and hinged doors for conservatories can be expertly repaired by Windowseal. Windowseal carries a wide range of hinges or wheels to suit all makes and models of door.

Conservatory windows

· Sliding and push out windows in conservatories can be expertly repaired by Windowseal. Windowseal carries a wide range of products to that enables them to make repairs in just one visit.



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